Intent Statement


At Chapel End Primary School, we aim to stimulate our children’s curiosity about the past. We use their spark of enthusiasm to ignite a curriculum which aspires to provide opportunities in asking questions and exploring the why, how, who and when of historical events people and places.  We begin with local history and expand to places far and wide, all of the time, developing our children’s respect and tolerance of different cultures around the world. By studying significant people and events of the past, we endeavor to inspire our children to have aspirations on a global scale.  Our teaching and learning approach, incorporates open questions and opportunities for research with the aim of developing young, independent and resilient historians. Through learning about events in history, we aim to support our children in holding hands with the past as they move into the future as responsible global citizens.



We will do the best WE can to enable our children to do the best THEY can.

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