Reading & Phonics


Chapel End Primary School holds reading to be fundamental in a child’s development and, as such, it is a skill which is at the forefront of our curriculum.  To read for enjoyment and to have a love of books enhances a child’s life, including their social, emotional and mental well-being.  Reading is essential for learning in all areas of the curriculum as well as a skill which is needed for life as an adult.  Because of this, it is our intention that every child in our school will learn to read regardless of their social and economic circumstances, ethnicity, the language spoken at home or special educational needs or disabilities.




At Chapel End Primary School we use the DFE aprroved systematic synthetic phonics scheme of work ESSENTIAL LETTERS AND SOUNDS. To find out more about our approaches to the teaching and learning of reading and phonics, please click on the reading policy below. 

See the videos below for how to say the graphemes and harder to read and spell words - or to help your child revise them once they have been taught in school. 

Recommended reads by year group! 

Please follow the link to access book recommendations for each year group. 

Booklists by Age | booksfortopics

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