Smart School Council


We are your new Smart School Council  Action Team - Milla, Isaac, Eleanor, Evie, Layla, Charlotte, Natasha, Leah, Poppy, Theo, Benjamin, Ruby and Miley.

We are all from Year 5 and 6 and we are proud of the work we do around school. 


How do we work?

We meet with the Smart School Council Leaders (Mr Montrose and Mirs Montrose) every week to look at the answers to last week’s question amd decide on any actions. We then set a new question for the week and we also talk about anything else important.

We come to your class on a Friday afternoon to introduce this week’s question to you all. We talk about the question and then give you time to decide on an answer that all of your group (or the majority of your group) agree on. Sometimes we might ask you to vote individually.

We are proud that organising ourselves in this way ensures that everybody in the school gets a voice and a chance to vote. 


So far this year we have 

  • organiised an end of term treat - a Santa Dash
  • organised a collection so we could make a donation to a local food bank
  • organised Children in Need day
  • discussed how to make our playgrounds an even happier place to be e.g. by zoning areas
  • advertised and recruited Activity Leaders to support our Nursery - Year 2 classes at lunch times
  • helped to orgaise training for the Activity Leaders
  • talked about how we can increase the amount of recycling we do in school





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